Water Values podcast: Ensuring Technology Access and Resilience in the Field with David Dolphin

Click here to listen to the podcast (David McGimpsey):

David Dolphin, of utility technology provider Ayyeka, discusses a wide range of issues related to end-to-end remote monitoring system deployment. David covers signal strength, data encryption, battery life and other issues that utilities need to consider when evaluating a remote monitoring technology solution. You’re guaranteed to learn something by listening!

Plus, this episode also has Reese Tisdale in our Bluefield on Tap segment where Reese discusses big picture issues in the water sector, including the slow-moving train wreck that resulted in Cape Town’s water emergency.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • How signal strength affects remote monitoring solutions
  • Why having a remote monitoring solution that connects to multiple networks is important
  • Considerations for battery life in a remote monitoring technology
  • Using remote monitoring solutions with GPS/GIS technology to identify trends or hot spots
  • How data encryption factors into a remote monitoring solution
  • How materials maintain waterproof qualities in distribution or collection systems
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