Greg Hobbs: 1969 Act 50th Anniversary Celebration — @WaterLawReview

1969 Act 50th Anniversary Celebration

DU Water Law Review, Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Bar Association CLE, April 4-5, 2019

Those who came before wished us well
and set us on our way,

Students of our futures lead us forth
into the watersheds of all

Our possibilities.

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Celebrating The Pioneers Of The Act

Ken Wright, Bill Hillhouse, David Harrison, Jim Witwer, Moderator Greg Hobbs

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Vignettes About Practicing Under The Act

David Robbins, Dick Wolfe, Carolyn Burr, Moderator Kole Kelley

Kole Kelley, Editor-in-Chief 2018/2019 Water Law Review;

Katie Arsenault, Editor-in-Chief 2019/2020 Water Law Review

DU Law School Dean Bruce Smith Welcomes Us

Integrating Ground Water and Surface Water

Steve Leonhardt, Tom Cech, Andy Jones, Bill Paddock, Moderator David Robbins

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How About The Environment?

Dan Luecke, Linda Bassi, Trisha Oeth, Jen Mele, Moderator Amy Beatie

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Engineering A Water Case and Ethical Considerations

Steve Witte, Joe Tom Wood, Mark Palumbo, Christy Radabaugh, Moderator Kevin Rein

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The Future Of Water And The Pro Se Party

Lindsey Ratcliff, Whitney Phillips, Eric Harmon, Tom Romero, Moderator Susan Ryan

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Tom Romero, David Robbins, Amy Beatie

Greg Hobbs

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