@DenverWater Notifies Littleton Residents Of Rate Increases — Patch.com

From Patch.com (Amber Fisher):

Rate changes are needed to help pay for Denver Water’s Lead Reduction Program, officials said.

Denver Water has been notifying Littleton residents of rate increases, which are set to begin Jan. 1.

Most residents can expect rate increases of less than 70 cents if they use water at similar volumes to 2020, the agency said.

Roman lead pipe — Photo via the Science Museum

The rate changes will help Denver Water pay for its Lead Reduction Program. The agency has sent letters to hundreds of Littleton homes — those built between 1983 and 1987 — to warn of possible lead contamination. The water does not contain lead, but the homes may have lead solder between copper pipes that could contaminate the water.

To protect customers from lead in drinking water, Denver Water raised the pH of the water in March to reduce corrosivity, and the agency will be replacing all customer-owned lead service lines over the next 15 years, officials said.

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