Broomfield #water and service charges to increase in 2021 — The Broomfield Enterprise


From The Broomfield Enterprise (Brooklyn Dance):

Council approved the recommended increase of 2.5% in water and 2% in sewer utility charges. For a single family residence, the average monthly water service charge is projected to increase by $1.35, and the average monthly sewer charge is projected to increase by 42 cents.

Service charge increases are necessary to continue funding operations, a council ordinance said.

“Compared to other cities, Broomfield still ranks in the bottom third in terms of rates charged for water services and in the middle for sewer services,” Chief Financial Officer Brenda Richey told Council Thursday. “The proposed rates have been recommended to incrementally increase over the years, based on a 2012 utility rate study that takes into account Broomfield’s future needs as well.”

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