Montrose scores $75,000 grant from GOCo for ‘Montrose Comprehensive Uncompahgre Riverway Master Plan’

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From The Telluride Watch (Beverly Corbell):

The grant, written by City Park Planner and Project Manager Dennis Erickson, will be used to develop “the first-ever Montrose Comprehensive Uncompahgre Riverway Master Plan,” according to the city’s website.

With a plan in place, the city will have “a valuable tool for directing its long-term efforts toward maintaining the beauty of the Uncompahgre River for generations to come.” But there’s more than beauty to be preserved, Erickson said, and the plan could look at possible development of water sports like kayaking. “It will be multi-objective with numerous interests and stakeholders taking part,” he said. “We want different perspectives on what should happen with the river.” The Montrose City Council must first adopt a resolution to sign the GOCO grant, which Erickson said he hopes will happen at the Jan. 7 meeting.

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