Cripple Creek: Residential tap fees on the chopping block?

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From the Pikes Peak Courier (Norma Engelberg):

Councilmember Gary Ledford said the city has only a finite water capacity and that millions have been spent upgrading its water and sewer plants. “We’re going to run out of capacity and we won’t have any money,” he said, suggesting that council continue to allow waivers for “meritorious concepts” such as affordable housing and other projects that fit the city’s goals. City attorney Lee Phillips said he could easily draft that into an ordinance. Mayor Dan Baader suggested instead that the ordinance be repealed and Phillips answered that would be even easier to draft.

Cripple Creek charges $3,000 each for water and sewer taps. In comparison, Woodland Park charges $10,871 and $5,412 for residential water and sewer taps respectively.

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