Donala Water and Sanitation District meetings to discuss ‘water for the future’ January 13 and 14

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From The Tri-Lakes Tribune:

The Donala Water & Sanitation District, which serves the community of Gleneagle and surrounding developments, is holding two “town meetings” at 7 p.m. Jan. 13 and 14 at the Gleneagle Golf Club, 345 Mission Hill Way. The meetings will be the same both nights, allowing for as many constituents as possible to attend. The topic will be “water for the future,” and the plans that Donala has for bringing renewable water into the district. “We have been working on finding a renewable source of water to replace our depleting Denver Basin of aquifer supply for several years,” said Dana Duthie, Donala’s general manager. “We have kept our customers informed through newsletters, past town meetings and phone surveys. Now we have settled on what we believe is the solution — a connection to the distribution system of Colorado Springs Utilities.

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