R.I.P. Paul Grundemann

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From the Highlands Ranch Herald (Chris Michlewicz):

Paul Grundemann was the first employee to be hired by Centennial Water, and was instrumental in the development and delivery of water and wastewater services for Highlands Ranch. For 26 years, he served as the director of operations for the burgeoning district and dedicated his entire career to the water industry. “Paul led a number of innovative projects throughout the development of the Highlands Ranch community,” said Centennial Water & Sanitation District General Manager John Hendrick. Grundemann used pioneering approaches to serve water and wastewater customers and even implemented the use of aquifer storage and recovery, which has been a successful water storage strategy for Centennial Water for many years. He also was involved with the Pankake Ranch project, an efficient permanent site for the disposal of wastewater solids…

Grundemann, who served as a leader on a number of statewide commissions, councils and committees, developed the application of GIS for water and wastewater infrastructure, and managed a sophisticated energy conservation program that significantly reduced energy consumption from the water and wastewater plants in Highlands Ranch. He also oversaw the design and construction of several in-house projects that protected water quality and saved Centennial Water hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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