Buena Vista hopes to piggyback onto Nestlé pipeline easement

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From The Mountain Mail (Sue Price):

Chaffee County commissioners learned during their meeting Tuesday that Buena Vista wants to share the Nestlé water line easement across the Arkansas River near Johnson Village. Sue Boyd, representing the town, attended the meeting to answer questions regarding the official letter sent to Nestlé Waters Jan. 11 by mayor Cara Russell. The letter states in part, “the Town of Buena Vista operates a municipal water system that would be able to utilize the easement at some time in the future to provide water to and/or receive water from the east side of the Arkansas River.” Before Nestlé begins construction, Buena Vista trustees requested one or two conduit lines be laid in and under the river to accommodate a water line enabling the town to supply water, depending upon future needs.

More coverage from Kathy Davis writing for The Chaffee County Times. From the article:

The sharing of the Nestlé water-line easement is a pro-active measure in case the town would someday need to have a water line on the Arkansas River. The river would not have to be disturbed two times, once for Nestlé and then another time for the town, she said.

Buena Vista trustee Brett Mitchell said the town wanted to share the easement and to share the conduit at no cost to the town. “The letter to Nestlé says we have this interest and asks if the town could piggyback with Nestlé on the easement,” he said. According to the agenda for the executive session, the special meeting followed a request from Paul Moltz. Mitchell said Moltz, who owns ACA Products, is working on a bid to build the water line for Nestlé.

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