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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Matt Hildner):

Just under a foot of snow fell on the eastern San Juan Mountains Tuesday and more is expected in the region today. The snowstorm, which dropped 10 inches of snow on Wolf Creek Ski Area, made for treacherous driving in the high country…The snowstorm glanced off much of the San Luis Valley, leaving only a dusting in Alamosa and 2 inches in the foothills southeast of Crestone, according to a National Weather Service spotter.

More coverage from the Cortez Journal (Kimberly Benedict/Steve Grazier):

County officials placed the snow total at 7 inches at 6:45 a.m. [Tuesday], [Norv Larson, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Grand Junction] said. Another 1 to 3 inches of accumulations are expected through the morning…

Snow falling from power lines has resulted in “blinks,” according to Jones. “Blinks” occur when accumulating snow falls off a power line, and the line moves, connecting with the neutral, or lowest line, Jones explained. When a phase touches the neutral it can trip a breaker or blow a fuse, which could affect an entire section of line…

Despite a lack of hard evidence, many in the weather community believe El Nino has impacted weather systems across the nation, according to Larson. “Although there isn’t a lot of climatological evidence, you could argue that El Nino is really impacting California and that seems to be where most of the precipitation is coming from,” Larson said.

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