South Platte River Basin: Redhill Forest to drill new supply wells

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From The Fairplay Flume (Mike Potter):

The subdivision has looked at buying water from the town of Fairplay. Now it is looking at drilling permanent wells away from the subdivision that would provide clean water, and a site has been found. Curt Sayer, president of the Redhill Forest Property Owners Mutual Water and Cattle Association, said that two test wells were drilled near the Middle Fork of the South Platte River near Colorado Highway 9 that could provide water free of radium. “The new water plant is going to be a sweetheart plant,” he said. “We’re not going to have to remove any radioactive materials, making it far less expensive to operate than our old water plant.” The current plant costs around $180,000 per year to operate. The new facility would cost an estimated $50,000 per year to operate. In August 2008, The Flume reported that there were 580 lots in the subdivision and 150 of them were getting water. At that time there were 80 homes built in the subdivision, half of which were occupied full-time.

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