Cañon City: Council approves new water rate structure

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Tracy Harmon):

the way the city’s water rate has been structured, the more water people use the less they pay. Senior citizens with minimal water use are paying for more than they use, Rabe said. After a lengthy study of the cost to provide the water service, Rabe said that will change. Overall the water fund will see a 5 percent increase in revenue during the next three years. “There will be a big difference for minimal water users,” Rabe said. For example, residential customers who use less than 10,000 gallons of water in a three-month period will see the rate change from $40.68 to $27.90. That is a 31 percent decrease, Rabe said. Nonresidential customers who use less than 5,000 gallons in a three-month period will see the rate drop from $21.77 to $9.30, or a 57 percent decrease, Rabe said…

“People who use the average 30,000 gallons in a quarter will see no change or a slight decrease. People who live in areas where we have to pump the water uphill, like Dawson Ranch or North Fifth Street, will see an increase in the zone surcharge. It will go up a little bit,” Rabe said. City Finance Director Harry Patel said the majority — about 60 percent — of the city’s water customers are using less than the 30,000 gallon average. Water users will not see an increase in stormwater fees, nor will the $5,000 new tap fees go up.

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