Carbondale and other entities are pooling their dough to preserve Roaring Fork public fishing access

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From the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (John Colson):

The land, approximately 7.8 acres owned by Stanley and Valerie Koziel, stretches for roughly 1,300 linear feet along the river, from the Highway 133 bridge to the north. It includes the land now occupied by a truck turnaround and a boat ramp, as well as an upper bench used for trailers and campers, known as the Sopris RV Park, according to Carbondale Recreation Director Jeff Jackel…

The town, through grants and contributions, has raised a total of $2.5 million, and will be making an offer soon, Jackel told the board of county commissioners…

The county is kicking in $100,000, and Jackel said that he has gotten $950,000 in grants from the state Division of Wildlife and $1 million from the Great Outdoors Colorado lottery fund. In addition, he said, the town of Carbondale is putting $450,000 into the deal. According to Jackel, the uses of the property will be recreational, based on a master plan he hopes to draw up with the agreement of the town’s “partners” in the purchase. He said the boat ramp ultimately is to be paved, along with a parking area, and that a riverside trail will be maintained for fishermen. Jackel also hopes to retain the camping uses, although all of it will need to be studied as the master plan is drawn up.

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