Flaming Gorge pipeline: Aaron Million pitches the project at the University of Wyoming

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From the Laramie Boomerang (Carrie Haderlie):

“Certainly, this project we looked at initially from an environmental standpoint, first and foremost,” Million told a packed crowd during a panel discussion hosted by the Potter Law Club of the University of Wyoming College of Law Wednesday. “If it doesn’t stand ground on (environmental) merits, then the project should not move forward.” Million said the agricultural community along the Front Range and in other parts of Colorado are facing a need for water that isn’t being addressed. “We have present problems today that I think will be unmitigatable (sic) two decades from now,” Million said…

[Environmental scientist and hydrologist Dan Luecke] said there are a number of issues that might be raised during pipeline discussions, not the least of which include the impact water removal would have on the Green River itself, compact issues and what Luecke called the “demand for water versus the desire for water.” “All of these are related to what I see as one of the most environmentally damaging kinds of water projects that one can conceive of, and that is a trans-basin diversion. That is taking water out of one system and putting it into another,” Luecke said.

Albany County Sen. Kermit Brown was present Wednesday, and he said he thinks the pipeline project poses two major risks. The first is climatological and the other is environmental. “That risk falls … on the unappropriated water that is left in the river,” Brown said, noting that the unappropriated water left in the Green River, if this project moves forward, will belong to Wyoming. “The appropriators fix their take from the river and leave the risk with the unappropriated water. We have seen that in Wyoming, Nebraska,” Brown said.

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