Idaho Springs wins the Colorado Rural Water Association ‘Wastewater System of the Year’ award for 2009

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From the Clear Creek Courant (Ian Neligh):

Water/wastewater superintendent Chris Brownell said the award is a big achievement, considering the shape of the facility in past years. “We were the embarrassment of the industry until about four years ago,” Brownell said. “We just turned it around (from the) top down.”[…]

“In this case the reason we were nominated and got (the award) was because of nutrient removal, and so it is just operational changes,” Brownell said. “The plant was not built for or designed to do what we’re doing, so it is just quality people.”

Brownell said downstream users nominated Idaho Springs for the award — users who once were less than pleased with the wastewater leaving the city. “We were actually nominated by down-streamers who used to hate us,” Brownell said…

Water/wastewater employee Mike McElhaney was given the 2009 Rookie Wastewater Operator of the Year.

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