Poncha Springs trustees approve takeover of sewer system by Salida

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From The Mountain Mail (Audrey Gilpin):

Effective today, Poncha Springs Sewer Enterprise fund and system, including customers, will be transferred to Salida. Poncha Springs residents will pay the same as Salida residents, with the first billing cycle at the end of April. City attorney Karl Hanlon wrote in a memorandum to the council, “From Salida’s perspective, these agreements put to bed a longstanding dispute … . More importantly, (they) provide a road map for the regional sewer plan.” Salida has provided sewer service for the town since the 1970s. Failed and flawed agreements between the municipalities have occurred for 30 years, making the two recent agreements “a momentous moment,” Salida resident Jim Elmore said during public comment…

Councilmen said the city is already obligated to provide sewer service – the agreements create a standard of service and make Salida the regional “utility provider.” Because the system is operated through the sewer enterprise fund, infrastructure improvements to the treatment plant are driven by rates and improvement fees, not taxpayer money, Hanlon said…

Salida personnel are responsible for billing and collecting from service customers. Regional designation will initially add about 440 customers to the Salida billing list, Hanlon said. As a regional system, Poncha Springs residents will pay the same as Salida residents. In-town Poncha Springs residents pay $34.54 per single-family dwelling and out-of-town residents pay $48.81 per month. The residential rate for Salida sewer customers is $47.25 per quarter. They also pay $1.05 per 1,000 gallons of water used, which equals about $15.75 per quarter for the average household. City finance director Jan Schmidt said it equals about $21 per month for an average household. Salida sewer customers are charged quarterly; however, city personnel are considering monthly billing.

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