The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District sets the Colorado-Big Thompson quota at 80%

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From the Northern Colorado Business Report:

At its meeting Friday, the board set the C-BT Project quota at 80 percent, a 30 percent increase from the initial quota set in October, which will make available a total of 248,000 acre feet. A quota of 80 percent means that each unit of C-BT water will yield eight-tenths of an acre foot…

Northern Water boundaries encompass portions of eight counties and a population of approximately 830,000 people. C-BT allottees – those water users within the boundaries who own units of C-BT water – include municipalities, domestic water districts, industries and farmers.

Here’s a report on C-BT happenings from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

Just a quick note to let you know that this afternoon we will be turning off the pump to Carter Lake and resuming our filling of Horsetooth Reservoir. Carter Lake is basically full. It is only half a foot down from full. Once the pump is off, approximately 490 cfs of water will be flowing into Horsetooth. Horsetooth is currently at an elevation of about 5409. It will begin rising faster over the weekend at a rate around half a foot a day. We anticipate this fill rate to continue through April.

More Colorado-Big Thompson coverage here and here.

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