Morrison, Idaho Springs and Georgetown pool their resources and share de-watering and de-sludging equipment

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From the Clear Creek Courant (Ian Neligh):

The municipalities entered into a partnership in 2008 to purchase a unit worth $300,000. They received a $200,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and are splitting the remaining cost.

The mobile system is mounted inside a small trailer and can be moved from town to town along the Interstate 70 corridor. “So (the unit) will be on site here for the time we need it. It will be hauled to Georgetown and also to Morrison,” said Idaho Springs City Administrator Cindy Condon. “So all of us are getting cooperative effort out of one piece of machinery — instead of everybody having to own their own.” Condon said she came up with the idea after talking with the other town administrators. “We were (all) contracting out to a company … that comes in and does (the work) for a …five-day period (or) whatever it takes to take the sludge out of the system,” Condon said. “And when you’re talking $100,000 a year among the three of us, we felt like within a short time we could pay this piece of equipment off and have it be a real asset to the citizens.” The three municipalities will work together to train operators, schedule use of the equipment and share maintenance expenses.

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