Wiggins: Town augmentation project update

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From The Fort Morgan Times (Dan Barker):

Holbrook said a biological assessment of the water project was sent to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but it will take three to four weeks before the agency will send a letter to USDA on its findings. It would then take four to eight weeks for Industrial Facilities Engineering to put together bid-ready design documents for the USDA to look at, he said. Unfortunately, a representative of USDA said that even after the Wildlife Service approved the report the town must publish the report and wait for 30 days for any response, said Town Clerk Craig Trautwein. Then there must be a finding of no significant impact on the environment, which could take another 15 days. These waits for agencies could hinder the construction end date, because it sounds like it could take months before Industrial Facilities Engineering gets the go-ahead to do the final process design report to submit to USDA, Longcor said.

However, all of this waiting will be worth it for a potentially nice grant and a 40-year loan, Holbrook said. Wiggins Town Administrator Bill Rogers said parts of the project could run concurrently, which means the pumping station could be built at the same time as sections of the pipeline and various sections of the pipeline could be built simultaneously to keep the project on schedule.

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