Southern Delivery System: Colorado Springs Utilities names some contractors

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

ASI Constructors of Pueblo West has been chosen as the primary contractor for the North Outlet Works connection to Pueblo Dam as part of the Southern Delivery System. The contract will be for roughly $6 million, but negotiations are still continuing, according to Colorado Springs Utilities. Other area subcontractors were also chosen, including High Country Pipeline of Fremont County, Transit Mix of Pueblo and Springs Fabrication and Rocky Mountain Crane Service of Colorado Springs…

Construction cannot begin until the Bureau of Reclamation approves a contract to use the dam for SDS. Pueblo Dam was constructed in the early 1970s as part of the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project and Colorado Springs must get approval to hook up to the dam and build a pumping station on federal property. Contracts also are needed for conveyance and exchange for Lake Pueblo in order for SDS construction to begin…

Once Colorado Springs obtains contracts, it would take about one year to complete the dam connection. [Lee Schermerhorn, vice president of ASI Constructors] said the first step in the project would be to use a crane on a barge and divers to install a bulkhead upstream of Pueblo Dam on the river outlet. Water would be diverted through another outlet on the face of the dam during construction. “That will provide extra safety to the workers in the tunnel during construction,” Schermerhorn said.

After that, a 30-foot cube of concrete would be installed upstream of the dam, where releases over the past 35 years have cut a deep pool by the face of the dam. Finally, a manifold that could direct flows to the river, the SDS pumping station and a future cross-connection to the joint use manifold would be built. “It’s a neat job,” Schermerhorn said.

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