Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District water court update

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“The district has concerns about the use of winter water and the Fryingpan-Arkansas facilities,” said Bob Hamilton, engineering supervisor. The district also wants to protect its own exchange application in connection with the Arkansas Valley Conduit, Hamilton said. The board voted unanimously to oppose the application…

A filing in Water Court does not necessarily mean complete opposition to an application, but is often used as a stepping stone to a negotiated settlement between parties to prevent injury to existing water rights.

The board also voted unanimously to oppose an application by Pioneer Natural Gas and other companies drilling for coal-bed methane in the Raton Basin near Trinidad. The application seeks to settle issues surrounding produced water from drilling. Methane is trapped in coal seams below the ground and in the first stages of drilling water is produced…

Southeastern has filed to make sure the determination of non-tributary wells listed in the application is accurate and that the new water rights would not violate the Arkansas River Compact with Kansas, Hamilton said.

The district will settle with applicants in two other cases, in lieu of obtaining conditions applied to past court decrees settled by the district. Those involved Stratmoor Hills and Rocky Ford conversion of former ditch water rights to municipal use.

The board also took action to shore up its own water rights, agreeing to file for due diligence on conditional Eastern Slope rights. Last year, the district filed a due-diligence application on its Western Slope water rights, said attorney Steve Leonhardt.

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