State Representative Sal Pace may introduce another basin mitigation bill

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Last month, Pace queried the IBCC about what efforts it has undertaken to assure districts of origin aren’t harmed in water transfers. Last week, Eric Hecox, section chief for water supply planning of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, answered.

Hecox’s letter cited two examples of how the IBCC is addressing the transfer issue. One was a discussion of issues surrounding movement of water between basins and between uses. The other was a transfer committee of the Arkansas Basin Roundtable, which produced a report on the concerns associated with transfers of water from agricultural to urban uses, particularly in municipalities outside the basin. “The work of the Interbasin Compact Committee and Basin Roundtables is creating trust between parties and identifying solutions to our state’s water supply challenges,” Hecox’s letter stated.

“I was disappointed in their response,” [state Rep. Sal Pace] said. “They’re nowhere close, by their own admission, to brokering substantial mitigation for water transfers…

Pace said the roundtables’ work on transfer mitigation was the key to his bill’s defeat, because lawmakers had the impression that the matter was in hand. If it’s not, he said, another run at legislation may be in order next session. “I would consider bringing the bill back because so many legislators thought work was being done, that we now know clearly isn’t,” Pace said.

More IBCC — Basin roundtable coverage here. More HB 1-=1159 coverage here.

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