Wellington Reservoir: Access for 2010 season limited to youth and civic groups

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From The Fairplay Flume (Mike Potter):

John Akolt, attorney for the Wellington Reservoir Co., said groups such as church youth groups and Boy Scouts would be allowed to camp at the area this summer. Next summer, permission could be expanded to allow the general public, but that decision hasn’t been finalized yet. “We’re not set up [now] to reinstate any kind of public, general access,” he said. Akolt said it would be next summer at the earliest before access to the lake is returned to levels it had before it was closed…

In January, the Wellington Reservoir Co. board of directors heard a presentation for one possible use of the property, Akolt said. A private company was proposing to lease the lake and turn it into a private fishing spot. But the access under the proposal was greater than it might sound, because of easy access to membership. “It would be private in that only members would be allowed, but membership would be open to the public,” he said. Akolt said the proposal would be considered by the board, but it hadn’t been accepted.

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