The Town of Berthoud is fighting the good fight against taste and odor complaints

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From the Longmont Times Call:

This year, however, the story is somewhat different. The first part starts out the same: stinking water and public complaints. But this year the town has gotten serious about trying to solve the problem. It has hired water experts to advise the community. Activated carbon is being added to the water at a different point in the treatment process in hopes of clearing the taste and eliminating the smell.

It has negotiated a deal to bring in treated water from deep, cold Carter Lake via the Little Thompson Water District water system. For a little over a week now, 230 gallons a minute of treated water is making its way to Berthoud to serve about a fourth of the community demand. Some are talking about whether the Carter Lake plant can produce enough to supply the entire town. Given that water systems throughout the region are at peak demand right now, Berthoud should know shortly whether that’s a potential solution.

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