South Platte River Basin: Progressive 15 discusses management of the river

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Here’s a recap of last week’s meeting from Dan Barker writing for The Fort Morgan Times. From the article:

The South Platte Water Cooperative is working on finding ways to use the excess water that goes unused during wet years, said Jim Yahn, who works with the cooperative and is the chairman of the South Platte Water Roundtable. Growers along the South Platte have been doing a lot of recharge to groundwater to replace water that is pumped out of wells, he said…

If farmers enter into agreements to provide leased water, they might have to agree to provisions that they provide water each year, which might mean that in dry years they would not have water for their crops, Yahn said. However, that might not happen often and the payments every year would be a steady supply of cash.

More South Platte Basin coverage here.

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