Brush: Wastewater treatment plant construction update

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From the Brush News Tribune (Jesse Chaney):

Since the project started in November, a team of workers from Moltz construction of Salida has demolished some of the old structures, excavated the land and started building the new configuration. “We’re staging it to keep the facility operating and treating while they’re actually building the new one,” said Brush Wastewater Manager Dale Colerick. “By doing that, we are able to minimize the footprint of what we have and reutilize some of the old components to keep the costs down.

Colerick said the crew is currently working on the first phase of the project, which involves the demolition of one of the old trickling filters. The trickling filters contained a bed of rocks, where a colony of microorganisms converted waste into biological solids. The first phase also includes the construction of the new headworks structure that brings the wastewater into the facility, the primary clarifiers and pump station used to remove solids from the water, and the new bioreactors that will house the microorganisms. He said the new plant will house the headworks inside a building rather than out in the open, which will help reduce odors. He said the exhaust from the building will be channeled through a natural bio-filter.

The second phase will start when the new headworks, primary clarifiers and bioreactors are in place, Colerick said. At this point, the old primary clarifier will be converted into a secondary clarifier, and work on a new ultraviolet disinfection system will begin. He said the new clarifiers will be deeper and narrower than the old ones, which will reduce their surface area by 40 percent and therefore limit odors. He said the ultraviolet system will replace the chlorine-based system currently in use. He said the ultraviolet method will allow the facility to do away with chlorine, which must be neutralized before the treated water can be discharged to the South Platte River.

During the third and final stage of the project, he said, the crew will rehabilitate the old secondary clarifiers and upgrade the old sludge digester.

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