2010 Colorado gubernatorial election transition: Governor Hickenlooper pow wows with Club 20

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From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Charles Ashby):

Gov. John Hickenlooper, House Speaker Frank McNulty and other high-ranking state officials all told members of Club 20 the same thing: They’re trying to find ways to reduce government spending and help encourage businesses to begin hiring again. “The issues that we’re talking about are those exact same kitchen-table issues,” McNulty said. “How do we make sure that we have a budget that works? How do we make sure that we’re doing what he can to help Coloradans get back to work?”[…]

Hickenlooper said since the 2003 drought, the same year he became Denver’s mayor, the 1.2 million customers of Denver Water reduced their consumption by 35 percent. “The new head of Denver Water and the new Denver mayor are focused to get that down to 50 percent,” he said. “That’s not the whole solution, but I think we can get the other urban areas to use that same sense of frugality, that we don’t need to have bluegrass lawns everywhere and we don’t need to water them three days a week.” Hickenlooper said he won’t sacrifice the state’s agricultural industry or the push for new jobs just so cities can grow larger.

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