Littleton: The city to book $2.6 million to let Denver Water out of the annexation clause in their supply contract

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From the Littleton Independent (Heather Sackett):

The deal would mean that Denver Water will no longer guarantee to provide water for areas that Littleton might annex in the future. According to the new contract, Denver Water would pay Littleton $1 million within 60 days of execution of the contract, and another $1.1 million on or before Jan. 10, 2012. Denver Water would also pay the $400,000 cost of converting the water service for lawns at Geneva Park and the city campus from potable to non-potable water, saving the city an estimated $30,000 a year. Denver Water would also refund an escrow account for $80,000. Denver Water would continue to provide water for all the land that is currently within its combined service area, but it would no longer guarantee to provide water for new growth outside Littleton.

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