Whitewater rafting business news

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From the Fort Collins Coloradoan (Pat Ferrier):

Guides brought nearly 37,400 people down the glistening waters of the Poudre River – about 400 more than the year before when the economic downturn hit the industry, according to a new report issued by the Colorado River Outfitters Association. The Poudre River was the sixth busiest of the 27 Colorado rivers with commercial activity…

With mountain snowpack at about 130 percent of average, [Brad Modesitt, owner of Mountain Whitewater Descents] already is getting bookings for summer trips. “We will have some water and we’ll have some fun out there.”[…]

Well-educated and affluent, customers of the five local rafting companies permitted to take visitors down the river spent $4.3 million on rafting, food, lodging, souvenirs in the area. That translates into an $11 million economic boon for the city and its surrounding area, according to the Colorado Tourism Board. The economic impact is up slightly from $4.2 million in direct expenditures and $10.8 million overall in the 2009 survey. Statewide, the 2010 economic impact totaled more than $150 million from more than a half-million rafters…

The Arkansas River was the busiest with 211,150 commercial user days, according to the Colorado River Outfitters Association.

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