IBCC: 2010 SWSI Update

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Eric Hecox was kind enough to respond to two questions I had from the recent IBCC Committee meeting Here you go:

CG – Was there an attempt to identify water quality costs in the SWSI update?

EH – Water quality costs were only included on the supply side. We identified the quality of the source water and determined if it would need conventional or advanced treatment. However, we did not identify water quality costs on the discharge side so that would add to the cost projections.

CG – Does groundwater make up a wedge in the future supply curve?

EH – Groundwater is included in the water provider’s IPPs. Some providers are relying on developing groundwater and that is included to the extent they indicated in their plans. Water providers who are currently using nonrenewable groundwater from the Denver Basin aquifer face a different issue. They are trying to reduce their reliance on groundwater so replacement of groundwater with a renewable supply is also included in our projections.

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