Durango: City to expand water and sewer service north of town

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From The Durango Herald (Gavin Wisdom):

Developer Wessman Holdings LLC will renew its contract with the city to continue with the original Utility Service Agreement, which expired in July 2010. “A few years ago, it was smart to do, and it’s smart to do it tonight,” Councilor Doug Lyon said…

City Planner Greg Hoch said the city has no intentions of annexing Riverside, and the city’s primary reason for extending its services is to avoid placing septic tanks along the Animas River. Hoch said 64 septic tanks lined up just off the bank of the Animas would be a hazard to a portion of the city’s drinking water, which is drawn only a few miles south of the development at 29th street. The developer also agreed to reserve 78 acres for open space in exchange for the Utility Service Agreement.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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