Colorado Agricultural Preservation Association annual meeting recap

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Here’s the release from the Colorado Agricultural Preservation Association (Bethleen McCall). Here’s an excerpt:

The Colorado Agriculture Preservation Association (CAPA) hosted their annual meeting…Thursday evening, February 2, 2011 at the Burlington Scout Center. Approximately seventy members of the public were present. The meeting started off with a panel that included the Colorado State Engineer Dick Wolfe, Peter Ampe First Assistant Attorney General, Alex Davis Assistant Director for Water DNR, Mike Sullivan Deputy State Engineer, Dave Keeler Republican River Basin Water Commissioner, Dennis Coryell President of the RRWCD and Dave Robbins.

Alex Davis provided a brief history of the ownership and leases that effect Bonny Reservoir and then went on to explain that federal funding for projects across the state are tied to those leases. She explained that the State has been working to change the leases to assist the State of Colorado with Compact Compliance and that they had submitted a proposal to amend the contract. They were recently notified that their proposal was accepted however there is a Public Process that is required prior to the completion of the amendment. There will be a meeting on March 7th to fulfill that requirement. The State will be issuing notice of that meeting in the coming weeks. She also explained that the Division of Wildlife and Division of Parks have formed a joint commission to create an action plan of how to manage the Bonny area after the amendment is complete. The area will still be available for public access however they are not sure what that will consist of yet. They will also be required to have some water in the reservoir for flow though purposes. Another concern that came up was the estimated 50,000 waterfowl that stop in the Bonny Reservoir during their migration each year. Davis then went on to say how much she appreciated the work that the CAPA board has been doing on behalf of its members and said that through the complex issues of compact compliance the board is thoughtful and sees the larger picture.

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