Conservation front and center for Donala Water and Sanitation District — Xeriscape Expo February 26

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From The Tri-Lakes Tribune (Lisa Collacott):

In an effort to help its customers switch to xeriscape gardening and landscaping Donala has hired Susan McLean, a professional horticulturist and designer, as conservation manager. McLean’s plans are to take Donala customers from the existing irrigation rationing program to a xeriscape design. In doing so, she will offer training and assistance. “We are really trying to encourage water conservation,” McLean said. “Xeriscape is an excellent way to save water.”

She said there is enough water now but Donala is looking toward the future. As a kickoff to the new program, the company is having a Xeriscape Expo Feb. 26 at Antelope Trails Elementary School. There will be presentations on xeriscape, displays of water-wise gardening resources, efficient irrigation and lawn care, and door prizes…

Another project in the works is the Donala Gardens, a xeriscape demonstration garden on Gleneagle Drive. The garden, which will start at the Gleneagle subdivision sign and extend to the shopping center, will give customers ideas for putting their own xeriscape garden together. “You can have a fabulous garden on very little water,” McLean said. “You can really make a big difference with xeriscape.”

The Xeriscape Expo is free and intended for Donala customers, but everyone is welcome to attend. It will be from 1-3 p.m. on Feb. 26.

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