Rain Bird is funding ‘Intelligent use of water awards’


From email from the Pollack PR Marketing Group (Sara Nazarian):

The Intelligent Use of Water Awards is an interactive grant program that awards funds to water conservation and environmental sustainability projects that promote green spaces. Developed and managed by the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services, Rain Bird Corporation, the Intelligent Use of Water Awards is a global initiative that invites anyone with access to the Internet to submit a water conservation project and/or vote on other projects to receive more than $50,000 in funding.

Anyone can submit a project via the Intelligent Use of Water Awards website at http://www.iuowawards.com and promote it within their community. All projects are anonymously voted upon by visitors (one vote a day per project, per individual user), and the projects with the most votes will receive funding from Rain Bird according to their funding category.

Rain Bird will award four $1,500 projects, three $5,000 projects, and three $10,000 projects.

The process for submitting a project is fast, simple, and open to the global public. If you or your readers have any current or upcoming projects that contribute to water conservation and/or green spaces and need funding for them, I strongly encourage them to submit entries to qualify for one of the grants and vote.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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