More than half the speakers at Longmont City Council’s annual open forum addressed hydraulic fracturing concerns


From the Longmont Times-Call (Scott Rochat):

They praised the city’s 120-day moratorium on drilling applications, urged the adoption of tough regulations such as a 1,000-foot separation between wells and occupied buildings, and deplored the amount of water used in hydraulically fracturing a well to get at hard-to-reach deposits — an estimated 5 million gallons to start the well, and still more when a well is “re-fracked.”[…]

Asked for their own comments on drilling, both [Councilwoman Sarah Levison] and Councilwoman Witt said they didn’t consider the moratorium — which runs through April 17 — to be enough time for the city to revise regulations. Witt said that what the city really needed was an energy master plan, but she could see that taking two years: far longer, she said, than any moratorium the city could practically issue…

[Councilman Brian Bagley], in turn, urged the audience to go to the Legislature with the same passion. With wells in Firestone and unincorporated Boulder and Weld County, he said, the city just doesn’t have the jurisdiction to solve the problem by itself. “It’s like being in court and saying ‘I want a divorce’ and being told ‘Sorry, this is municipal court — we do traffic tickets, you need to go to district court,'” Bagley said. “I wish I had a better answer for people. But we’ll do the best we can.”

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