Daily fluid requirements: Roughly 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Lori Winner):

The Institute of Medicine determined that “adequate intake for men is roughly 3 liters and 2.2 liters for women.” There are 4.23 cups per liter, which equals 33.81 ounces per liter, making 8 cups approximately 2 liters. This formula comes close to the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations for women. However, it falls short by one liter for men. Water needs are as individualized as body type. Obese individuals need more water. A 200-pound person with low body fat needs less water than a 200-pound obese person with a high percentage of body fat…

As a general rule, there is no need to hydrate during an exercise session lasting 1 hour or less as long as you are properly hydrated prior to the workout.

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