Colorado Water 2012: Justice Hobbs pow wows with middle schoolers to talk water, rafting, recreation and water law


From The Greeley Tribune (Bridgett Weaver):

Hobbs, one of the nation’s leading authorities on water rights, was at Brentwood Middle School on Wednesday afternoon to talk to students about the adventures of water, as in river rafting and recreational water use. He was there representing the Water 2012 project, which aims to engage Coloradans in a statewide celebration of water, to raise awareness of water use and create new local and statewide opportunities that celebrate Colorado’s water, its uses and its value.

He did this by talking about a book his brother Will Hobbs wrote. The book, “River Thunder,” is about a group of young teens who take a trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. By bringing pictures from his personal outdoor and river adventures and by pulling them into the conversation with questions, Hobbs kept the students quiet and attentive.

Before talking to the large group, Hobbs participated in an eighth grade Advanced Placement history class. There he talked about Colorado’s history and his job on the Supreme Court. “We got to know things we didn’t know before, like how the court works,” said Lobna Alsrray, an eighth-grader…

Hobbs is promoting his brother’s book as part of the Water 2012 book club.

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