NRDC: Colorado could do more hardening of water supplies to mitigate climate change effects


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit environmental agency, rated all 50 states on how they are preparing for impacts of climate change on water resources. Colorado ranked highest among all Rocky Mountain states. Essentially, Colorado earned a B, ranking behind nine other states, using the criteria chosen by the council…

“Rising temperatures and more extreme weather events are impacting our families, our health and our pocketbooks. Water is a matter of survival. It powers our lives and industries, and it keeps our natural systems healthy,” said Steve Fleischli, a water policy analyst. “This report is both a wake-up call and a road map for all communities to understand how vital it is to prepare for climate change so we can effectively safeguard our most valuable resources.”[…]

Gov. John Hickenlooper, through his water policy adviser John Stulp, has asked for a state water plan by 2016.

In Colorado, water rights are privately held and administered through court decisions. There is no central state water authority, and decisions about supply, planning, funding projects and water quality are split among several state agencies…

Individual metro water providers — including Denver, Aurora, Colorado Springs and Pueblo — are incorporating the possibility of long-term climate change into their planning efforts. The Colorado Water Conservation Board also incorporated weather pattern variance in its investigation of Colorado River supply.

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