Erie: The town is monitoring surface water supplies for hydrocarbons


From The Denver Post (Bruce Finley):

Town officials are asking companies to let them review drilling plans for compatibility with local development. They’re demanding new drilling operations capture 100 percent of air emissions. They’ve begun using a $50,000 device that tests water for hydrocarbons. “We have to do everything in our power to protect our residents’ health and safety,” town administrator A.J. Krieger said…

Testing along creeks and irrigation ditches and in reservoirs “is going to give us baseline data,” water-plant operations chief Bruce Chameroy said. “What we’re looking for is changes.”[…]

“We know we don’t have the authority to stop it. Even our residents who are most concerned recognize the need for energy and private-property rights. We just want it done in a safe way,” Krieger said.

State task-force talk has encompassed emerging new arrangements using local inspectors at well sites. But Erie is wary of “unfunded mandates” and can’t afford to hire chemists and petroleum engineers to conduct proper inspections, Krieger said.

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