Runoff/snowpack news: Upper Colorado basin snowpack plunges to 37%, low flows into Lake Powell expected over the season


Click on the thumbnail graphic to the right for the latest snowpack map from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

From the Yuma Sun (Chris McDaniel):

“System wide total reservoir storage, as of April 4, was 63 percent of capacity,” said Doug Hendrix, external coordination manager for the Bureau of Reclamation’s Yuma Area Office. “This year has been a little bit drier year. The precipitation to date in the Upper Basin into the Upper Basin reservoirs has been about 79 percent of average.” Another issue that means lower water levels was the very warm weather in March that prematurely melted an already small snowpack into the river’s Upper Basin. Snow is the source of most of the river water flowing into the Lower Basin states of Arizona, Nevada and California.

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