Bureau of Reclamation request yields over 140 ideas for easing demands on the Colorado River


From the Associated Press (Catharine Tsai) via the San Francisco Chronicle:

…the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation asked the public what to do about it. It got more than 140 ideas: Tow an iceberg to California and capture what melts for the Colorado River basin. Divert water from the Mississippi River. Deliver water bags from Alaska to Southern California. Change the desire for beef to reduce demand for thirsty cattle. The bureau won’t single out any options to pursue, but it will review them as part of its larger study of water supply and demand in the arid Colorado River basin through 2060. It published the suggestions in late March. “It’s an entertaining list,” said Jim Pokrandt, who handles education and outreach for the bureau’s Colorado River District in Colorado. “There’s a couple good ideas on there that bear further discussion. Other ideas are kind of fantastic, as in maybe not based in reality.”[…]

Native American tribes have suggested exploring voluntary water transfers from tribes with water rights. Other ideas include changing how water is priced, removing invasive plant species that suck up water, and requiring lawns and golf courses to be watered with “gray water,” wastewater like that from showers that could be used for purposes other than drinking.

Here’s the Reclamation webpage for the effort. Here’s the detailed list of options.

More Colorado River basin coverage here.

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