Governor Hickenlooper’s oil and gas task force lays out recommendations


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

Some of the recommendations in the draft summary:

COGCC, Colorado Counties, Inc., Colorado Municipal League, and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) will work with local governments to promote and encourage participation in the LGD program.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) and Colorado Petroleum Association (CPA) will communicate strong encouragement for early operator engagement with local governments through the LGD program.

COGCC rules provide an opportunity for local governments to engage with operators and COGCC prior to the decision-making process for oil and gas permitting. Meetings and work sessions, as appropriate, may enhance this engagement. COGCC and DOLA will develop a guidebook for the work sessions.

COGA, CPA, and DOLA will develop local government best practice recommendations, including those relevant to engagement prior to operators’ filing of the application for the permit to drill.

COGCC will hire two new positions to serve as LGD liaisons.

COGCC will develop a training curriculum for new LGDs and schedule LGD/local
government annual work sessions and trainings beginning in 2012.

COGCC, DOLA, and CDPHE will develop and distribute informational materials and presentations for the public on the LGD program, as well as opportunities for LGD input into permitting.
LGDs will provide COGCC with information on local processes or requirements, as appropriate, and COGCC will, in turn, create links on its website to information on local government processes and requirements.

COGCC will develop minimum qualifications for delegated inspectors and will develop curriculum for certifications, consistent with both COGCC inspector requirements and the scope of inspection assignments.

COGCC will develop a program to train delegated inspectors and establish thresholds and frequency parameters for routine inspections.

On a case by case basis, COGCC and the local jurisdiction will communicate the assignment of inspection authority to surface owners and operators and will provide a copy of the IGA memorializing the relationship between COGCC and the local jurisdiction, as appropriate.

Communicating enforcement matters to local jurisdictions and providing user friendly information to the public on responses to complaints:

COGCC will develop protocols for communicating Notices of Alleged Violations or related enforcement documents to LGDs.

COGCC will update its website and publications, where necessary, according to feedback received by LGDs, industry, the public, and other entities and provide a new area on the homepage that will facilitate ease of use by members of the public.

COGCC will develop a brochure, fact sheet, and public outreach materials to explain its enforcement and compliance process, as well as histories of past enforcement activities and provide contact information so that the public can follow-up in an appropriate way.

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