Loveland: City council supports water sales to oil and gas water haulers


From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Tom Hacker):

City councilors considered the question of whether the city’s water utility should continue sales of treated city water to oil and gas producers and, without dissent, told water managers to keep the spigots open. “We don’t have enough in front of us right now to get beyond the practicality of the revenue we derive from this,” said councilor Ralph Trenary, who asked for the study session on the issue after hearing from constituents…

The six metered hydrants in east Loveland that water haulers use to load trucks headed for drilling rigs around the region are money makers for the city. But the profits don’t gush: Since 2004, petroleum companies have paid $1.7 million for the water, an eight-year total that is a tiny percentage of the water Loveland’s rate payers used during the same time…

Councilor Chauncey Taylor said that fracking technology, advanced by horizontal drilling as deep as 7,000 feet underground, would remain a routine practice in the region regardless of the city’s decision on water sales. “Fracking is going to continue with or without us,” Taylor said. “I look at the revenue, and the impact. I want to be an environmental steward. I’m not out there saying, ‘Drill, baby, drill.’ But I don’t see any reason not to do this.”

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