It turns out that Colorado Springs did need a stormwater enterprise after all, where is Douglas Bruce?


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

A Summit Economics study, now being reviewed by communities in El Paso County, identifies $752.5 million in unfunded stormwater management needs on Fountain Creek. Only $3.2 million of those are in Pueblo, although no assessment has been made of the parts of the creek in unincorporated Pueblo County. There are also about $13 million in annual funding needs that have not been addressed…

Nearly $500 million in projects are needed in Colorado Springs, with about $86 million considered critical needs, the study stated. That’s a significantly higher amount than reported to Colorado Springs City Council in 2005, when it created a stormwater enterprise. The enterprise was dissolved by council after the 2009 municipal election. A 2005 stormwater study identified about $300 million in Colorado Springs projects, with $66 million considered critical were presented.

In Pueblo, at that same time, there were about $65 million in needs. Pueblo instituted a stormwater fee in 2003 that generates about $2.8 million per year to begin addressing those problems. Puebloans pay about $25 per capita monthly into the fund…

Colorado Springs, with nearly four times the population, spends about $1.9 million, or $4.63 per capita monthly to address stormwater issues, mainly compliance with state or federal permits. The Front Range average is $52 per capita monthly.

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