Denver Basin Aquifer System: Well contamination a concern for officials in the wake of the Black Forest Fire


From KOAA (Maddie Garrett):

A new concern is surfacing in the wake of the Black Forest Fire. The El Paso County Health Department is surveying about 500 water wells for possible contamination. While some wells are unscathed by the fire, others are destroyed and left open on the surface. But all water wells reach down into the same aquifer that the people of Black Forest depend on.

“These wells are like a straw that goes into the aquifer. We want that straw capped because whatever is on the surface here, gets into the well, that could cause contamination. So it’s a risk when those wells are open,” said Health Department Director, Tom Gonzales.

The damaged wells are open to ash, dirt debris and rain water. That’s why the Health Department wants to get all of the exposed wells covered up. They are providing people with thick plastic and zip ties to temporarily protect the open wells until the homeowner can get them capped.

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