John Fleck’s Water News #COWaterPlan #ColoradoRiver

Click here to read the latest iteration of John Fleck’s Water News. Here’s an excerpt:

Bruce Finley’s story last Friday in the Denver Post about Colorado’s latest water plan iteration shows, if you had any doubt, how the Cadillac Desert era is over. Or in Bruce’s words and example, “the era of moving water across mountains may be over.” Mythologies die hard, and in this decade of drought and water supply stress, Marc Reisner’s wonderful but outdated take on our problems is rearing its head, continuing to dominate public discourse by the power of Reisner’s prose. But Finley’s piece is great case study in what the post-Cadillac Desert landscape looks like, a landscape of more efforts at collaborative problem solving and less political and economic muscle pouring more concrete.

More Colorado Water Plan coverage here.

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