What does El Niño mean for the #ColoradoRiver Basin? — John Fleck #COriver

Mid-June 2015 plume of ENSO predications
Mid-June 2015 plume of ENSO predications

From InkStain (John Fleck):

What does the growing El Niño oceanic pattern mean for the Colorado River Basin? Best to just shrug, and say the statistics are too small to say much of anything conclusive. In the nine El Niño years since the 1960s, three have been wet, three have been in the middle, and three have been dry…

When you think about the geography, this makes sense. El Niño’s strongest effect is the southern tier of states, but most of the Colorado River’s flow comes from mountains to the north, which is in the no-man’s land between wet and dry during El Niño years.

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