#ColoradoRiver: Middle #Colorado Watershed Council Shoshone Power Plant Tour October 26 #COriver

From email from the Middle Colorado Watershed Council:

Come join the Middle Colorado Watershed Council for a tour of the Shoshone Hydroelectric Power Plant east of Glenwood Springs. The Plant plays a pivotal role in western water not because of the power it generates, but because it holds the one of the oldest, largest water rights on the river. The senior right to 1,250 CFS means that water must flow down the Colorado, and it’s a non-consumptive use, so that water is flowing right back into the river for later use. We will learn about the Plant’s legacy over the past century, and what the water right means to us on the Western Slope. Registration is only open through October 12, and all participants must submit a facility waiver form at registration.

Location: Shoshone Power Station, Glenwood Canyon, CO
Date: October 26, 2015
Registration Deadline: October 12, 5:00pm
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Cost: Free
Registration: Online through Eventbrite
Contact: For more information, contact Dan at info@midcowatershed.org

Click here to register.

Link to waiver form.

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