Consultant recommends that the Town on Fraser stand pat of fee structure

Fraser Colorado
Fraser Colorado

From the Sky-Hi Daily News (Hank Shell):

A financial consulting firm has recommended that the Town of Fraser keep its current water fee structure.

Ehler’s Inc. conducted a study on the town’s water fees to determine what rate structure would best suit the town’s goals of promoting attainable housing, providing affordable water to year round residents and maintaining a consistent source of income.

Paul Wisor with Ehler’s, speaking at the Fraser Board of Trustees’ March 16 meeting, said his firm had examined at two possible alternatives to the town’s current structure, which comprises of a quarterly base fee of $153 and an additional $1.50 per every 1,000 gallons used.

Because 92 percent of revenue from the current structure comes from the base fee, it’s more stable for the town and predictable for residents, Wisor said.

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