The tunnel (next to the tunnel) that no one knows

Mile High Water Talk

One brings trains through the Rockies. The other has been delivering much-needed water for 80 years. 

By Kim Unger

My Facebook feed has a tendency to run rampant with advertisements and click-bait articles, but one piece making the rounds was worth the read.

The story, posted on a blog called Only in Your State, was about the Moffat Tunnel, a marvel of early 20th century engineering that appears to be a bit of secret.

Many people know about the Eisenhower Tunnel, the highest point in the Interstate Highway System. The Moffat Tunnel is lesser known, but just as important, the author writes.

From concept to total completion, it took 30 years to construct a railway to chug right under the Continental Divide, connecting travelers from Denver to Winter Park, Colorado, and beyond to Salt Lake City.

The Moffat water tunnel, partially lined with steel, can deliver up to…

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